Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kevin Durant

The Offensive Leader With Points Per Game(PPG).Averaging 28.4 Points A Game Puts Him Infront Of Lebron James For First.This 6'9'',230Lbs Small Foward Named Kevin Durant,Plays For The Oklahoma City Thunder(Okc).Born In Washington D.C,September 29.Kevin Was Drafted By The Seattle Sonics In 2007.Then Traded To The Newledge Team Oklahoma City.Winning The Rookie Of The Year Award.Durant Became The Youngest Ever To Become A Scoring Leader.Playing In The College Of University Of Texas.

Civil Rights Movement

This Post Will Be About The Civil Rights Movement.I Think It Was Horrible How People Were Treated.African Americans Were Trying To Make Themselves Be Treat Equally To Others.But It Didnt Turn Out That Way.People Were Arrested,Sprayed With Water Holes,And Often Beating By Police Men.The Civil Rights Leaders Were Mary Mcleod Bethune,John Brown,Linda Brown,Ruby Bridges,Frederick Douglass,Medgar Evars,Marcus Garvey,Jesse Jackson,John F.Kennedy,Abraham Lincoln,Rosa Parks,Homer Plessy,Dred Scott,Sojourner Truth,Nat Turner,Harriet Tubman,And Malcom x.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

2011 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport

This Magnificent 2011 Bugatti Veyron.I Think The Colors Are Crazy On This Car.It Make It Really Pop Out.Anyone Driving This Will Get Noticed Anywhere.Average Top Speed Is 267 Mph.If You Ask Me Thats Pretty Fast!The Vyron Comes With Four Enlarged Turbochargers.Exterior Has A Refront Air Intake.Centrally Arranged Exhaust System.A Big Intercooler Of 16-Cylinder Engine To Maintain Safety Of Extreme Speed

Nike Foamposite Eletric Greens

This Is The Most Anticipated Show For The First Quater Of 2011.Set To Release In March.In My Opinion The Best Colorway Of The Foamposite Pro's.Which Are Going To Be At Your Local Retailer For $235.Their Is No Need For You To Get A Size Bigger.Nike Foamposites Are Purposely Made To Mold Your Foot.That Means The Sneaker Keeps Your Foot Stiff On The Sides.Therefore You Would Have To Break In The Shoe To Get More Use To It.So Dont Deadstock It!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Def Jam Poetry

Hmm,Your Wondering Why I Chose This Def Jam Poetry Video.Well The Reason Is To Get Your A Person's Point Out Their.From Someone Being Nobody Living In The Ghetto Then Trying To Make Themselves A Success In Life.A Person Might Try To Be A Threat On The Outside.But Really They Just Dont Have The Learning Academics To Make It In Life.So Choose Your Friends Wisely.Some Bring Us Up And Others Down.But Choose Your Path Fairly Because The Rich Get Wealthy And The Poor Gets Poorer. 

This Great Poetry Teller And Music Artist Named As Common Is Trying To Tell How The Law Is Only Forced On One Culure,African Americans.By Hanging And Beating,Acting Like We Are Just Another Organism On This Earth.Feeling Free To Do Whatever In Their Power To Make The World Turn Upside Down.Blacks Going To Court Already Knowing The Judges Decision.Guilty,Even The Family's Faces Stunned.Never Seeing His Family Ever Again.Why Is The Law So Judgemental?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Super Bowl XLV

Who Will Win?Green Bay Packers Or Pittsburgh Steelers?I Think That The Pittsburgh Steelers Are Going To Win Because They Are The Success Team.But As Well Over This Past Year Green Bay Packer Has Been Knocking Out Teams.I Guess We All Have To See!!

The Road To Perfection

Traveling Through The Anonymous New York City.
Waking Up To Car Horns Stuck In Traffic.
The Way To Go To Begin Your Success.
Will I Ever Find A Way To Rest?
I Am Making Myself A Perfect Man.
But I Dont Think Anybody Can.
I Plan To Be Rich.
Knocking Out All The People That Is Trying To Put Me In The Ditch.
I Wonder Where It Will Go From Here.
But I Wonder If Anybody Cares